What is the CSR program?

This program is set-up for us to give back to those in need. We at Aura feel that providing a return to the community and the world at hand should be an integral part of any good company, which is why we want to integrate this program right from the beginning. Beyond involving and empowering artists to show their work and get paid to do so, we want to take a portion of our proceeds to create clothing to donate towards the less fortunate.

Beyond the basic need for clothing, we wanted to emphasize the sanitation and safety that our apparel can create. We wanted to truly utilize the two unique properties that our apparel is made of: the anti-microbial agent and iridium. 3.4 million people die every year due to lack of sanitation especially because of water and hygiene (CDC.org). We know we can help curb this disturbing statistic with our functional apparel. The STATech anti-microbial solution integrated to each of our clothing provides detoxifying function that can do more than eliminate odor causing bacteria. The solution is FDA and EPA rated for a “mechanical” destruction of 99.9% of all known germs including superbugs. The difference between STATech and other antimicrobials such as bleach and alcohol is that Amosil is 100% non-toxic. Bleach and alcohol based sanitizers destroy germs by poisoning their cellular structure and can only last a few minutes before recontamination. STATech destroys germs by destroying their cell membranes through microscopic spikes, which is so small that it leaves larger cells like our skin unharmed. STATech also covalently bonds to surfaces giving it the ability to continually destroy germs for days if not weeks. So imagine the possibilities that this solution can do being integrated in a fabric. It will give the ability to cleanse your hand from harmful viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens by merely wiping your hands on the shirt. It can be used as a last resort measure to get clean water by funneling water through the shirt killing all its germs and filtering out large particles.

Lastly you can literally wipe off any surface area killing any germs in the area in such cases as utensils for eating or areas where people might sleep. We also plan on using the iridium property in creating utility and safety through its ability to emit an intense glow that requires no power source. 1.9 million people in the world do not have the luxury of light and thousands die because accidents that could have been avoided by the presence of light (statistic brain). The iridium graphics on the shirt can be used like a safety vest at night by its emission of an intense glow that can last through the night and can be used as an alternative light source when needed. The possibilities are endless with the functionality of the apparel. We hope that developing and donating our products will make an impact on making the world better, safer, and healthier.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this!