Welcome To Aura Apparel

A way of adding new technology to classic apparel

We see technology evolve every day, from medicine to electronics, and life is made easier with new innovations. What we do not see is the same level of evolution when it comes to casual apparel. At Aura, we are incorporating new technologies into clothing to help push it to the next level, adding a new touch to create what we call "Urban Performance Apparel." Casual apparel that works with you.

Partnering with artists, Aura provides an opportunity for graphic designers, musicians, and creative entrepreneurs to share their skills and ideas through printed apparel infused with technological additives. Designs inspired by music, science fiction, comics, and urban lifestyle, we want to showcase to you the different styles from various artists. Whether you want to show off your designs or like one from our partner, come join us here at Aura and let us all help build a community and support each other's efforts. Creating a new stage of apparel that reflect the past, present, and future through design and technology.

We do also dabble in other things, so beyond making our own line and supporting our partners, we also do custom prints for any special orders, promotional wears, or work with you to create your own custom apparel line. Please also check out and follow our Facebook page. For more information about our technology, please check out our technology page. Thanks for visiting.

Our very own artists create original work that is inspired from music, comics, architecture, sci-fi, and urban lifestyle. They are able to create tasteful vivid images that combine and reflect the past, present, and future. Please also check out our Facebook, like and vote! Every month we select a graphic image submitted by users and put that into production! We do dabble in other things, so beyond making our own line, we also do custom jobs for any special orders.